Saturday, November 21, 2009

the dressing room visits return

The shirt I wanted but found the same one on clearance but a lighter color for $4.

The shirt I'm thinking about getting but realizing it just looks better from the side. $12

The shirt that looks better on the hanger. $12

The shirt that makes me feel awesome. Clearance $3.50

The sweater I wish I could pull over but not too sure about the price. $17
I went shopping with my mom the other day. I also bought some other things but they deserve better then the dressing room photo shoot.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was working all of last week and this week I'll be doing the same but tomorrow I have a day off. Sadly Nathan goes to school. However on the 28th when I get out of Target (got the job) at 5:30 I'll be changing clothes to see KISS....


I think the most awesome thing that did beat the news I am about to saw is that I finally get paid every week now. I will not be without money. I take care of some things. This does keep me from wanting to go back to school incase I'm offered a permant postion at Target. Moving to Smyrna looks slim now and I'm in a pickle. I am going back to school, I want to buy books and yada yada. I wish I could keep both jobs. I wish I worked at Target at the beginning of the year. (sigh)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Need help finding your inseam or...

don't know what it is? Here's a website that I came across thanks to Yahoo Answers. I didn't know what an inseam was and I never asked my mom. I guess a little embarrassed.

Search By Inseam

I'm about to go buy khaki pants because I'm working at Target! My orientation is Sunday.

Picture of the day #4


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pictar! Pictar! Pictar!

Duds n Suds, Murfreesboro, Tenn

Duds n Suds, Murfreesboro, Tenn

Making things better is a beauty

I really hope that after all my hard work it pays off that I can finally get things back on track. I was offered a job at Target and now I'm just waiting on the call for my orientation. Even though its a seasonal postion I really hope that I'm kept on. I really need a steady income so I can take care of myself and help Nathan. He's so good to me and the strongest man I know. I'm blessed.

Other then that I've picked up the bass yet again. I was never that good but I do have rythem. I'm taking mine to Sabrina's tonight to tune it and practice, maybe with Ramsey. Here's Ramsey's myspace page. Grand anonymous

I would like to take time to play. After so many years of saying how much I wanted one I'd like to use it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Underaged Jason

I'm not sure what motivates young preteen boys to go out, buy Jason Mask, and go to 7 stores in the mall. Tell the cashiers that they are robbing the store and to give them money. I remember these kids to was following them around the store. I really wish I told them to take the mask off and get the hell out.

I asked mall security if there was any rules for underage children at this mall. I was told that "young children are the future of this mall" so this means it doesn't matter what age they are. I can't wait till fall break is over with for them.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just a bit confused

I don't understand things most of the time and I feel when I say something people take it differently. However, I have no idea what I said to make a long time friend just stop being friends with me. Maybe it was a error on their part or maybe not.

I hate how things are always mixed up between sexes. It always seems like no one can be friends and with the way things look I have hardly any at all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo of the day #4

Hot Topic instore show Instore Show, August 2009

Hot Topic started hosting instore shows a few months ago to gain interest in not only our store but to get people to know local or not so local bands. Whenever I can I'll take pictures of these bands and some day soon they will go on our Shock Hound profile. My boss was looking threw my pictures and came across this one, I had not noticed it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On letting go, can't keep them forever

I've been stopping by Plato's Closet to try and earn extra money. So far it's totaled up to $13 but that's all gone. I stopped by my mothers to see if there was anything else I could find. Some heels I no longer wear and some boots. I tried getting rid of some scarfs an ex-boyfriend gave me as a surprise because I love scarfs. I think that was the hardest thing to do really. You hold on to these silly memento's only to bring you back to why you no longer want them. There are still a few things I can't bring myself to get rid of but it's progress. The girl that works at Plato's did not buy the scarfs so I dropped them in the Outreach Thrift bin. This weight was lifted from my shoulders.

It used to bother me so much that I wish I could have certain memories erased, like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There is one I wish I could work out, like every time my sister (best friend) says she misses someone (that I dated) I get uneasy because he and I ended on very bad terms. I think of ways to tell him I'm sorry and how I wish we could work it out and be good friends for the sake of my sister. However he is across seas, starting over, who knows when he will be back. Other times I don't care to ever be friends with him ever again but that's just who I am. When someone I used to know left be high and dry I tend to hold a grudge against them for a long period of time. Did I ever mention that out of the few I dated I'm only friends with two and one is a close friend?

Why do we put up these odd walls around people that they used to know?

Picture of the day # 3

Ash, summer 2007

I'm going to try and make Thrusday/ Tuesday picture of the day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The saddest moments of a soap oprea ever...

I'm sitting here still in my Pink pants and tank top watching the ending to a sad episode of Young and the Restless. I'm on my period but I'm not crying to the fact that Colleen Carlton is brain dead and her heart is going to the bastard Victor Newman. Okay, now I feel the tears wanting to come. Little too late guys!

Heart of Stone Click on Heart of Stone to see what I mean.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Hair and Pretty Things

new hair Bob
new hair Bob
I need to fix the back apparently but I love how I did it. Yes, I did cut it myself, my mom taught me everything I know. She made the comment that I should think about going to cosmetology school and I replied that I will ponder on that idea.

At work my coworkers were surprised. New hair cut, new dress, new boots. I felt foxy and I had this one little sweet girl who kept looking at me and smiling from ear to ear. It was so cute. These past few days since I cut my hair has been amazing. I feel new and I think I look more my age then with the longer hair. I might keep this up for a bit. This means I might not be dreading my hair again anytime soon. I applied for a 2nd job as a temp in the mall and I hope that goes threw. All the earnings are going towards something wonderful. psshcanonrebelxticanonrebelxtipssh. I've been dreaming over a Canon Rebel for the past 5yrs. Only to hold it with a wire attached to it with a red flashing light or the one Sabrina was given.

That's the one thing that cracks me up and I find irony in it. Things I've been admiring over, wanting for so long, and then someone is simply given that item. A coworker was given a Sidekick and Sabrina was given a new camera. I however want to pay for them. I no longer want the Sidekick, I'm switching to AT&T when my contract goes out in December.

Let's stray from my life and go to something else. I'm in search of a Flapper hat or better known as Cloche hat. I found some that I simply love but I'm not to big on ordering online and their rather expensive.

 Flapper Hat

Flapper hatStylehive

Flapper HatMy 1920s Wedding

la sigh, such pretty things.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flappers - The Roaring Twenties

A time I'd like to travel to.

Friday, October 2, 2009

snip, snip, snip

I cut my long brown hair. To a bob! I'll post pictures tomorrow maybe, I've had busy day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thrifting Score

In March a tornado hit my most beloved, favorite, every-time-I-go-there-I-find-something, store. Outreach Thrift. It has been closed till I guess the end of September. I drove by today to see if they were open and lo and behold they are! I turned around as fast as I could (took a few minutes because these to "oh I just worked a sweat" girls snailed across the lane. I walked in and found a pretty vintage blue dress (the "I wish I bought dress"), a vintage men's vest (the "I should have bought it to go with my striped blouse"), I came across a cute black and white plaided blouse ("fit just right everywhere but the lower front" kind of blouse), the fitted lumber jack jacket (the "fitted lumber jack jacket to go with that striped blouse"), and the most amazing vintage boots ever! That fit my ridiculous feet odd sized! In red! AH!

Here's the line up from my Dressing Room Diary.

I love the detail of the dress
I'm a little busty, size unknown, $2.50

Best gray and blue pin strip top ever
Old Navy, XL, $2.50

Vintage men's vest, I believe $3.00, Medium

Cute plaid blouse, $3.50

I was able to put this on hold, Medium, $3.50

FTW, $6.00, 9 1/2 or a 10

I love thrifting...

A Fat Rant.

This makes me feel more happier with myself. It's awesome how one person you don't know can make you feel confident.


Happy October!

There is just something about getting out and enjoying the vibes of a thrift store and knowing that most of the things you buy are going to something wonderful, and its also considered going green. Just found that out from a nice lady yesterday. My favorite places to go are Phase II, All Things Possible Bargain Center, Outreach Thrift, and Goodwill in Smyrna. On that note I found this amazing coat, London Fog. I thought it was funny because I had just watched an episode of Mad Men.

London Fog Jacket, All Things Possible Bargain Center

Sadly I only have $8 in my bank account and this jacket is I believe $24 (it is also too tight if you couldn't tell but still!). If you are in the Middle Tennessee/ Murfreesboro area the Bargain Center gives a 10% discount for MTSU student's when you show them your student idea. Also, this reminds me, the store I work at [Hot Topic] gives anyone who is, was, or children and spouse's in the Service 10% discounts (with proper idea). You can also receive a 15% off card, anyone can with a purchases of $10 or more. Fill up with ten stamps and recieve the discount with your next purchase. I love handing them to people, feel the savings.

In my craft corner, which is really on the couch and living room area I'm crocheting this...

Its weird looking! That's what I get for doing this at odd hours of the night. I don't have enough of the two different kinds of yarn. I picked up a bag of yarn at a yard sale for $3 dollars, it was really meant for my mom but she didn't really want them. So... I got crafty with yarn again. I wanted to make a scarf but this isn't happening so I got the idea to make this;

Picture belongs to blog Backyard Academy

Look Eric Singer!

I've also started another project, a small painting for a friend. I did the "first 5 to comment, receives a free gift" on my Facebook. Anyway, I'm going to enjoy the sun!


I forgot to mention! I went to Plato's Closet to try to sell a few tops that I have. Three fashion tops and a few novelty T's. A sold a Forever 21 spring strapless top for $3. That's about what I paid for it on clearance. I have two vintage like novelty T's that I thought were going to be bought be the girl said they looked too used. Oh well, I'm still going to try and sell them though. I'm going to start going threw my closet at my moms of things I haven't worn since high school. See if I can sell them or something.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday for Mom

I started cooking about 9:45am but first I cooked breakfast for myself. My mother was coming at 12pm and the lunch consisted of Sirloin Chops, mashed garlic potatoes, broc and cheese, and sweet tea. Her "birthday desert" was Banana Nut muffins with strawberries. Yummy.

At 1:15 my came to pick us to go see Love Happens. Not your typical love story movie. I rather enjoyed it. Went to sonic, got a shake, my aunt dropped me off, and I took a nap. For too long. Blah.
I found this awesome plus size blog so I'm going to browse threw it and report tomorrow. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


So I'm like almost done with my moms gift, her birthday is tomorrow. I had mentioned how she needed something for her earings and necklaces and I've been wanting to try to make one for ever and I did it! A frame jewelery hanger. I know, I didn't do it right compared to other peoples frames but I only had a limted amount of resources. I think I did pretty good, however the first time I did it though it was a fail but this time it looks pretty good.

The mesh stuff is the what they use to make bows out of for floral. The hooks were really hard to put in.

It looks rough but it works. I also used krazy glue but it turned out to be a bust.

I really wanted to use the hemp I have but I couldn't find it.
I went for red yard until I can find the hemp. I had bought a backing so that a nail could be
used but the nails where to small and I couldn't hammer them in.
Tacks work great though. I twisted and then hit them with a hard object.
The yarn is going around the bottom.
Well, thats one project down 8 more to go.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love my mom

“Downstairs ran the Giant in great joy, and out into the garden. He hastened across the grass, and came near to the child. And when he came quite close his face grew red with anger, and he said, ‘Who hath dared to wound thee?’ For on the palms of the child’s hands were the prints of two nails, and the prints of two nails were on the little feet. ’Who hath dared to wound thee?’ cried the Giant; ‘tell me, that I may take my big sword and slay him.’ ’Nay!’ answered the child; ‘but these are the wounds of Love.’
(from oscar wilde’s the selfish giant)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picture of the day #2

When mushrooms are cast in a circle that means fairies are there. Something magical happens.

Friday, September 25, 2009

southern comfort.

One of my favorite things is to walk around the square when all the stores are about to close and the parking spaces are always empty. I go back to the time before Murfreesboro became so busy and how I wish I could have lived in it a little bit more longer then what it is today.

However, with this change brings business and jobs. General Electric has been gone for who knows how long and all the other empty factories are either standing alone or have been torn down for strip malls. Their are only a few left remaining.

My dad worked at a place called Tridon. I'm not sure if they still do what he used to perform but I do remember the smell of oil and metal. Each time he came home I would bury my nose in his work shirt because I loved the smell so much. On one occasion my mom and I went up to see him for my birthday. His buddies bought me a pack of oreo's, tall glass of milk, and dad got me my first Barbie doll. I remember that day because I was so happy.

I still have his work shirt.

I'm trying to come up with some good date ideas. Nathan and I go on movie dates and we recently saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D at the Malco-Roxy in Smryna. AWESOME movie. I loved it so much.

But going to see movies on every date can be kind of boring. I love just walking around on the Greenway, taking pictures, or when we used to go out on his motorcycle. Since school started and he works 40hrs+ a week, I'm stuck at our home, hanging out with my mom, or off to see my sister. He recently told me that he's trying to promote a guy. This means he will have Tuesdays off till his next semester! I'm so excited and I pray that it happens.

I miss him so much, even if I live with him. The only time I see him is in the morning in uniform, coming home from work, going off to school and then coming back. He's always tired, not like last year. How I do miss those first few months. BUT... I'm whipping up something.

1) Taking my camera where ever we go and lock lips. Then make a collage together.

2) Drive-in movie teater in Woodbury.

3) Picnic on a baseball field

4) Silly string

5) Go camping again and again and again and again (we got a tent!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Always making the new

Why is the Co. I live in always pop up on the news. It has been raining nonstop though., getting pretty ugly. So far the lower part of the Co. is filling with water. So far people are safe.

7 more days of rain, I think the people in Cal. need it more, unless the fire is decreasing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Word(s) of the day

Should or shouldn't have strings attached. So banish the word should or shouldn't and say want or need because when you think about it there really are no strings attached to want and need. Want can also be the dream and desire and need is your basic thing you need to get the job done.

Like a want a new camera, I want a Canon Rebel xti so I can be able to take better pictures. I want a dark room so I can use my enlarger and trays. I need a new car so I want stick money where it hurts. I need to new tires so I want slam into another car when it rains. I need kitty Sabastine here with me instead of at my mothers because I get lonely in this small apartment.

I want and need book shelves! BOOKS ARE EVERYWHERE! I need a new job! I want and need new jeans! THAT FIT!

See? These want and need things are wonderful and with no strings.

Banish that stupid word should or shouldn't. I feel so ah! but a good ah!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture of the day

Monday, September 7, 2009


When Glassjaw comes on at work I feel bubbles of hate and happiness because that's how I always listened to them. A fuckyouIfuckinghateyoubutatthesametimeloveyou. A coworker told me his girlfriend is goint to ATL to see Brand New and told him Glassjaw was touring with them.

Weird. Why tour with Brand New? What's so special about BRAND NEW.

Get this though, Glassjaw is only touring on the east coast. Darn you.

November 15th Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory

November 17th Boston, MA - House of Blues

November 18th Boston, MA - House of Blues

November 20th Montreal, QC - Olympia De Montreal

November 21st Toronto, ON - Kool Haus

November 22nd Toronto, ON - Kool Haus

November 24th Rochester, NY - Main Street Armory

November 25th Wallingford, CT - Chevrolet Theatre

November 28th Uniondale, NY - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Oh well, I saw them once so I'll wait till they get the balls to find time to come back. :)
I found The Clash t-shirt at work for $9.95 and since I come with a sweet discount I paid $6.57

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September you are amazing

I fixed my lap top after 6 months of not being able to use it. Mom found the start up CD thing for it in a draw full of crap. Toshiba was going to charge 19.95+ shipping. So I put that off in hopes of mom finding the CD. She did two months ago and I put it off because I was scared I'd screw it up but I put my big girl panties on and did it. All I need is my power cord, I jacked Nathan's.

Work is ok for now, hours are slow on rolling in and finding that 2nd job is tough. I did however apply to Target a few hours ago. I changed my myspace account just in case. Double checking if I have left no stone unturned. I know how business sometimes go about finding out things. I need to go to my youtube account also.

I'm hoping to get that upper ball joint for my front left end soon. Waiting sucks and I'm scared to drive my car. My new gas pump is not really working, I can't tell how much gas I have left. So I go by how much I put in and reset the odometer. Working pretty good, I just don't trust my car on long distanced trips. I'll have to fill up for now on.

Freaky things have been happening around the apartment and Nathan finally saw an event, my wine bottle on the window seal started to move back and forth. Things are getting weird.

I just found out that its a good chance Minus the Bear will be coming to Club 527 sometime soon and Murder by Death is coming 10/23.

(sigh) I need to see a concert, it's been awhile.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shake Your Knits

Simply amazing. The coolest way to use knitting talent.
The girl, Lauren Porter, who knitted the Ferrari is my absolute favorite. I think it's because she has more patient then me and did in a short amount of time. Hero. I highlighted her name to her website. One more thing about the knitted Ferrari is that she owns it, I hope she still owns it.
I have never really grasped the whole knitting thing but I do love crocheting. I recently made a hat and I'm now starting on a scarf. The last scarf I made was way to long but I tend to love long scarfs anyway.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sex Type Thing

I'm going to stock up on the war. The war of my period. I'm going to have dark chocolate out the ass and chocolate milk. I'm going to have Gilmore Girls on stand by and some very nice pills names pain and killer. I'm going to have a box of tissues by my side and when I get cranky, some tea in the pot.

I will have my bathroom draw stocked with tampons and take warm showers, not hot/warm. I will listen to music like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, L7, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, and some Janis Joplin. I WILL hit mother nature full force and when I say that it makes me think about those Tampax commercials with the woman on holiday at the beach and mother nature coming up to them.

On another note, I want a Gypsy Wagon. I want one so I can go to the next stepping stone on how wacky I am. I mean, I see myself in one, creating my art and being able to take care of my chickies ( Darla and Sabastine). I miss Sabastine dearly and being away from my tom cat makes me meow with heart ache. Listening to Crimson and Clover makes me wanna tear up a little.

But, Oh My GAWD, how cool would it be to just relax in a wonderful Gypsy Wagon, with big pillows and grapes. My imagination is running wild like a girl running threw flowers in a field. So Little House on the Praire of me.

(eh, my wi-fi connection keeps dropping so I'm just going to post)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thursday, August 27, 2009

i've always been crazy about eating in diners late at night.

i love being one of two people in our age groupsitting in sticky booths in greasy
dives in the middle of nowherestaring out through half fogged windows watching
cars pass on the interstate. pushing a small pile spilled sugar around with my fingertip as
the boy across from me sips coffee from the chipped mug as the waitress with the
mustache talks about how she's "really going to leave him this time" to an overweight cook.
the entire experience is just amazing. the orange, tungsten lightingthe smell of coffee
the sound of grease popping. there are always truckers. always. and they always smell
like cigarettes and they're always wearing dirty shirts and trucker hats and they haven't
had a chance to shave in a few days...but they talk sweet to the waitress and take their coffee black. we all know i have a strange affinity for street lights and empty parking lots and the
neon glow of the diner's sign reflected puddles in potholes peppered around the parking lots.
just really makes my heart skip a beat. being in the middle of nowhere, pouring into empty
car seats at 3 a.m.catching a glance as the stars as we pull onto the interstate with the taste
of burnt toast and hot chocolate in my mouth.
it's always amazing.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This season

I still remember the dream that I had this morning, I still remember rolling over and seeing his face close to me. I remember hearing my phone ring in my dream and seeing who it was and when I went to go answer it I woke up. I woke up to 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden and saw that mom was calling me.

"You need to come out here, now. Darla is loose, running around."

"What? How did she get loose? Be there in ten."

Haven't had my coffee and haven't cooked breakfest. I pulled on my jeans, put on my bra, and oversized t-shirt. Walk like a zombie to the living room and put on my shoes. Realize my shoes are under some clothes in our room. When I woke up he had already left for work, must have been 10mins before mom called. I grab my keys and purse and open the door to a chilly morning. The Fall season will come around early.

The drive to moms this morning was very, nice. I rolled the windows down and put on my ray bans. Felt the cool air on my skin and put my car on cruise control.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rocky Top

Jerry O. Lowery Sr. passed away August 17, 2009. He was buried today and it was a beautiful funeral. He helped my mother with the passing of my father 17yrs ago. It was hard listening to his daughter talk about how amazing he was because each word was like a sting to making me cry. At the end of the service, they played his favorite song, Rocky Top. The music started playing and I cried even harder. Mom hugged me as I was handed tissue, telling me that Jerry will see my dad for us. I wasn't really thinking about that, I was thinking how I was talking to a girl that I work with that I would want to play my favorite music if I passed away.

Jerry will forever be with everyone he made feel special.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Picked this baby up at Goodwill. $12.99 plus this amazing tax. I also picked up a very soft top from J. Crew (4.99). I love Goodwill, it's so nice to my wallet.

My home, our home

Welcome to part of our home. This isn't all of our small living space but I hope you like what you see. :)

I had this cat who loved to play with anything with the name paper and she had a fit with this lantern. It was a bit longer but the bottom was so tore up that I had to figure out what to do with it. I taped the bottom up and left it alone for about a year till I could figure out what to do with it. A few months ago i went to hobby lobby and bought these cool shells and string them on to the lantern. I had gotten the idea from the christmas project I did for Sabrina with the feather/ shell windchime.

This painting is the first one to be complete on large canvas. I have finished small ones but none this size and the ones I have yet to finish are still waiting. I was a bit sad to finish it because I had so much fun with it. I love how it turned out. It's a mix media painting. I used Gesso, Acrylic paints, and new paper with glue.

This is in the kind of kitchen area. I recently put the American flag up because it was laying on the tv. It belong to Nathans grandfather and I felt like it should hang again. The bass is mine, and the green lamp came from my aunts garage sell that never happened. The blue bucket has dog food in it for Darla and the clock was a steal from Essex ( $6 compared to $45 at Kohls). The Iron Maiden poster came from work and the Coors bar art came from a estate sell in town ( Birthday gift to Nathan, it's cheesy but I thought it was cool).

Ah, the livingroom, where we spend most of our time because we're poor. The lanterns starting from the left; blue one from mom, the green and red ones are from Pier 1. The wall hanging is from Renfest, a gift to Nathan. Lamp by the window is my mothers, it's really pretty, detail craving on the lamp and on the shade is dried roses from my moms yard.

This is the bathroom wall. The pictures are things I created 3yrs ago. The one with the lady was a finding myself. healing piece and the rayograph was done in high school in photography class. The frame came from Old Time Pottery when I worked there. There were three frames but the 3rd one was broken so I took the two.

There will be more, as soon as I finish clearing things out of the way. I doubt I'll show the bedroom because it's so bla right now. I can't make it all indian like the way I had my old room. Oh well!

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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