Thursday, June 25, 2009

spring fling cleaning time

There is nothing like a good ol' rockabilly station that want get me in the groove of cleaning and listening to Rev. Horton Heat does just that. It's funny because I just realized when i pulled into Nathan's parents house today that just a few years ago in High School I hardly knew him at all and I didn't even know his name. I just knew him as the guy that had a big Blazer and a really nice motorcycle. I remember when he said hello to me in the science hall and ever since then I had a little crush on him while dating someone. I had a lot of crushes back then but he stuck like glue.

But while parking my car, I look back and I think ex-boyfriend's who? It puts a smile on my face realizing he could be the one. I hope so, I play with the idea in my head often like so many young women do at my age.

Today, I've been given the honor of cleaning their house to earn some extra money. I prayed about that and it came true. I had the guts to tell my boss that I've never taken a college job seriously but I would love to take HT seriously and make it into a career if possible. That if anything ever comes up, always think of me. She was really glad to hear that. Yesterday and today have been a God given. No doubt about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

out of service

For the past few days the wi-fi connection I used has vanished; a) They moved b) They got rid of their wi-fi or c) I don't know what was going to be C but it was mean. Now when I really need to use the connection it's not there.

Anyway, I have to do my FAFSA, turn in my MSCC application again and turn in everything I did for 2008, again. I miss school but I'd much rather go to MTSU. I can't. Besides hearing my lame personal life on school. I thought I'd tell you another side of my personal life. I say an ex-boyfriend I hate, that I loath with utter compassion. Someone I wish I never dated, someone I wish I never met. We, Nathan and I, were at Family Video browsing for movies and I wondered into the video game section after picking my movie. As I looked up from Mario Galaxy there he was, with a baby on one hip and a woman on the other side. My stomach turned and I raced to the other side. I knew he saw me, I felt his black beady eyes set on me. Flash backs from my cousins wedding when I made the mistake of taking him with flooded in. I dodge him them, I raced to Nathan and acted immature, telling him we needed to leave. I felt so small and the fact I still felt like this made me sick. What was wrong with me? I'm better then him, He was a pervert and I'm a strong woman with a man that loves me and respects me.

What was the problem? I'm a chicken. Oh, if only you knew. All of it hit me with a tropical wave. I was hit, I was pushed under water, and I was thrown onto the beach gasping for air. I've only felt like this a few times and how do I hate it. I like to avoid it as much as possible.

So, there is my Family Video drama. By the way, we rented Good Morning Vietnam! and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Robin Williams was amazing in GMV ans the story line carried itself real well. The Jesse James movie however was very slow and did not carry on very well, it was a buzz kill till the end. i love westerns and I lead myself to believe it was one but really was not. The movie is pretty good, don't get me wrong but felt like it lacked passion in the characters. Course Brad Pitt as Jesse James did well enough. We should have watched that movie first then GMV but we didn't.

Last night he took those movies back and got Air America and Cadillac Man. Robert Downey Jr. in Air America A+++

Sunday, June 21, 2009

all dreaded up& no where to go

For a few years I have played with the idea of getting dreads and I did do that for awhile. Course they were not real dreads, they were yarn dreads or hair falls. I have learned that there are groups of girls and guys who come up with rules to doing dreads or kanekalon dreads. KK's are fake hair locks (like the barbie kind) and you back comb 30 to 150 of them. There are different kinds:

I, however, plan on using both single and double ended dreads. Online they are expensive to purchase but the fact that they are already to install are just wonderful but since I'm broke and can not afford the 180-230 dollar dreads i shall just drive to Sally's Beauty Supply and buy the pack of hair, rubber bands, and back comb the heck out of them.

I researched different ways to seal the locks in like above and one girl was a big help- zlyoga on youtube. She also has some pretty random videos on there that i like to watch. Some exciting stuff. Anyway.

I'm not going to post pictures of them, my dreads, just yet. I just wanted to leak out that I, Karen, will have FAKE dreads sometime by the end of this month. i have one more pack left and two braids open to finish. Some exciting stuff. I'm just bored with my hair, so instead of cutting it, I'm getting long dreads.

Who know's i might just become so good at it that I'll sale them for cheap, like $60-80. We'll see.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

windy and sun burned

vest, tank, jeans; Target, carry-on; Sugarees, jacket; Hot Topic, purse; gift, necklaces; gift

This is me, at 4:30am. Waiting for Nathans dad to come pick us up.
Our flight was Southwest and it was to be leaving at 6:05am. We wanted to get there in time to have a good seat because SW is a cattle call. All in all...

... I think i got a pretty good seat, right?

Soooo, here i am, 35,000ft in the air, looking down at some state. Might still be Tennessee but we're going 600mph in the sky. We did hit turbulence and I kind of freaked out, i was holding Nathan's drink and as soon as he sat back down, we hit clouds. A LOT of freaking clouds. So i was holding his drink and everything was moving but the drink. Other than that the first time flying was a nice.

we got off the plane, walked half a mile, bought CTA tickets for 3-days, got on a train, walked forever and made our way to the hotel.

I'm in love with Chicago and all it has to offer. I already miss the sounds and smells, most of it. I miss the Navy Pier and the Sears tower with the amazing view. I want to explore the light house out in Lake Michigan and have more Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!
I have so many picture's to share but it want compare to being there, looking up and seeing the structure of the building's. I'm going back, noooo doubt about it. I even played with the idea of living there in the next 5yrs. We shall see. Here are a few more pictures to look about. :)
Chicago has my heart forever.

dress; Lynne Bryant

Sunday, June 14, 2009

don't mess with Texas

my experience with Texas was short but sweet. the drive was long& tiring but worth each second, minute, hour,& miles. i went to Memphis for the first time, along with going kind of out west. stood in between two state lines. watched two lovely couples get married, met nathan's family friends. went to Texas as a brunette& came out a red head.

i had a blast. i really want to talk about the trip& how many gas stations we visited& how i had my first taste of Whataburger and Bueno. yet, i'm tired. i have 35 hours till i board my first flight& head to Chicago.

Athens, Texas was amazing. it was a blast.

my experience with Texas was short but sweet. the drive was long& tiring but worth each second, minute, hour,& miles. i went to Memphis for the first time, along with going kind of out west. stood in between two state lines. watched two lovely couples get married, met nathan's family friends. went to Texas as a brunette& came out a red head.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's my birthday and i...

cry if i want to, cry if i want to.

i sung this last night, well, early in the morning with a new friend of mine at my apartment. excuse me our's, nathan's. mind you, the last time i had to many was new years& even then that was not much. i'm a light weight now folks, my rep is gone. i can no longer pull a Beerfest. good movie btw.

SO, i recieved two calls (one not b-day related)& a text from nathan's mom. 1 myspace& 5 facebooks. :) i'm-so-happ-eh. i will not, WILL not, be getting nathan's gift till chicago. why? i have no idea, i might have something working around in the back of my head but i want get my hopes up. (sigh) ipodipodipodcameracameracamera, bla.

well, shower, bestie's, mom's, then i have no idea. i might go to The Boro& have a round with some of the people i work with. sounds like plan.

Monday, June 8, 2009

south american dream

top: layne bryant jeans: lee shoes: target necklace: gift
my mother took me shopping for my birthday a few days ago( not till june 9th). so i guess i better take pictures of me in them before i leave for my trip or maybe, i'll wait& take pictures of where i've been. that will be awesome.
Nathan's parents went to this really cool place called Scarlett Begonia in Franklin. i believe there is one in Nashville as well. they gave me a gift in a brown box with a red ribbon& in side was this amazing chale shawl and a big blue woven bag with a wide strap. i love them so so so much, both gift& Nathan's parents. :) the shawl reminds me of a sun set. i already of my purse contents in the bag. the bag is lined with orange& has a zipper at the opening.
i've been thinking on what book to take with me on the trips, i want to finish my literature and society book on poetry, drama& novels but then again i might read The Bell Jar again or see if Sabrina has any interesting books. i was i purchased Love, Janis by Laura Joplin or Henry Miller's Sexus. oh well, too late now.
i came real close to buying bleach at work today. very very close. but i put it back because i have no idea how i want to color my hair. i know i want sections done but i don't know how. do i want my bangs colored or do i want my front section of my long hair done. i made up my mind that it's either color my hair or cut it. the last time i did a dramatic hair cut on my hair was june or july of 06. it was short& felt amazing but i feel like i can't pull of short hair any more due to the fact my face is fuller. anyway. i know i need something done so i want pull out my styling scissors.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

fly over everyone

well watching the 35 or 36 disc of gilmore girls, rory goes to anna's boutique of one of a kinds. rory finds this amazing white pan am bag that cute flight atendents used to tot their things in. anyway, i looked it up& they are kind of pricy but i figured if ya really want it why not show ya.

i love bag's anyway, vintage bags anyway. when i worked at sugaree's when i was 17 i bought these amazing vintage dark yellow suit cases, well i bought one. the other has water damage on the inside, i never finished the water damage one with the fabric i want but i put my old music flyers i've collected over the years in side of it.

i'm going to be using the carry on luggage, maybe, if it's the right size. or a back pack. 10 more days till chicago, il. 5 more days till athens texas& 3 more days till i'm 22.

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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