Saturday, June 20, 2009

windy and sun burned

vest, tank, jeans; Target, carry-on; Sugarees, jacket; Hot Topic, purse; gift, necklaces; gift

This is me, at 4:30am. Waiting for Nathans dad to come pick us up.
Our flight was Southwest and it was to be leaving at 6:05am. We wanted to get there in time to have a good seat because SW is a cattle call. All in all...

... I think i got a pretty good seat, right?

Soooo, here i am, 35,000ft in the air, looking down at some state. Might still be Tennessee but we're going 600mph in the sky. We did hit turbulence and I kind of freaked out, i was holding Nathan's drink and as soon as he sat back down, we hit clouds. A LOT of freaking clouds. So i was holding his drink and everything was moving but the drink. Other than that the first time flying was a nice.

we got off the plane, walked half a mile, bought CTA tickets for 3-days, got on a train, walked forever and made our way to the hotel.

I'm in love with Chicago and all it has to offer. I already miss the sounds and smells, most of it. I miss the Navy Pier and the Sears tower with the amazing view. I want to explore the light house out in Lake Michigan and have more Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!
I have so many picture's to share but it want compare to being there, looking up and seeing the structure of the building's. I'm going back, noooo doubt about it. I even played with the idea of living there in the next 5yrs. We shall see. Here are a few more pictures to look about. :)
Chicago has my heart forever.

dress; Lynne Bryant


I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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