Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey It's my 200th Post!

With that I would like to do a giveaway!!

I have a pretty shell that I picked up somewhere along the way during my travels. I would like for some random person to be chosen to have it!

I need:

-Any random fact about you

(This giveaway is open to any part of the country)

Ends July 15


I was thinking and just a week giveaway didn't seem long enough and anyone from any part of this globe can enter!


Odia Ancholia said...

Hi. My name is Melodi.
My e-mail is
I live in the U.S for the summer.
And a random fact about me is that whenever I get inside a bookstore I feel like I have to get a book. I cannot help it. I am just in love with books...

And that's my blog:

P.S. The shell necklace looks really cool :)

meeyeehere said...

Loving that necklace like major!!!!!
rachel crisman

random fact:I can blow bubbles from my mouth and they fly off,it's just super spit bubbles. Oh and I can bend my fingers all the way back which is creepy,or so they tell me!

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my florals! I love your page. It's so darling.

sammies1mom @ yahoo . com

I shamelessly played with those fish at the bottom of your page for at least 3 minutes. Simple minds, eh?

Random fact? I have pretty much given over the kitchen to my boyfriend so I don't have to hear the phrase, "That's not how Alton does it." I also refuse to bake while he's home because of that phrase. Alton Brown has ruined my love of the kitchen.

Fannie said...

Hi. My name is Diana Horel
my email is

My special talent is stopping up toilets.

my blog:

Dip-tea said...

Wow! I mean really. Wow! Love the shell pendant. I would so love to have it. And congrats on your 200th post.

- Deepti P.
- I used to dance to the sound of the mixer/grinder when I was little. Its true!

Lauren said...

Lauren Hamby

I have a freckle on the second toe on my right foot that's just underneath the toenail, so that I always forget about it and then get surprised when I clip my nails and find it again.

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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