Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I'm taking...

besides clothes, shoes, lap top, and camera.

-Sketch pad
- Zen for Christians: a beginner's guide by Kim Boykin
-Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Pratical Magick by Ellen Dugan ( I'm open minded, no need to judge)
- The Secert Language of Dreams: A Visual Key to Dreams and Their Meanings by David Fontana
- Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger
- Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
- Literature and Society by Pamela J. Annas and Robert C. Rosen
- Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Of course I may have to trim these all down. I just like having choices. Just like my very large suit case filled with clothing. I will not make the silly mistake of not being without my suit case with wheels.

I do need suggestions to a few books. I'm even, sigh, open to the Twilight Saga.  I can't believe I said that and I work a store that sells the merch. I should know a little more about it so that I can relate to the customers. That and I'm curious. I just feel that the books have been made into this crazy marketing tool. Has anyone ever watch Josie and the Pussy Cat Dolls from 2001? Were music become this crazy way of having people go with the latest trends? That's how I see it with this Justin Bieber fellow also. It almost makes me sick, well it does make me sick. I hear these crazy stories from parents who say that girls aren't allowed to speak his name in schools. Coo-coo.

Speaking of work, I gotta run some errands before I head in. Fin.

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Anna W. said...

i really like your background!!

i really don't have any book recommendations, mostly bc i haven't read any lately :/ I did enjoy the first Twilight book, but that was it.

have fun on your trip!

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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