Saturday, February 20, 2010

Derby Girl

Have you ever thought about the roller derby world? I have since 2006. Every year I see those amazing posters calling my name to go and watch them. I do think about it all the time. I think about it at work when I see those derby buttons we've started supplying and I never told anyone this but I want to be a derby girl.

Yeah, I watched Whip It and watching it again for the 2ND time after just watching it. I'm... a nerd.

But seriously check this out, Roller Girls League its amazing and I think I'm in love. The skates, the pads, the helmets, the smashing, the slamming. My head is just buzzing with excitement!

Ok well, instead of me explaining how it works I'll leave a link so I want miss anything. Roller Derby: Girls On Wheels
Plus I'm really tired and on my 2nd Killians, I'm just that toasty. G'nite :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

no penny for my thoughts

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A view from a motorcycle

Monday, February 15, 2010

V8 taste test

The subject: V8 Mango Peach Light

Smells nice

Looks nice


it goooood.

I often buy Tropical Blend and I picked up the Mango and was like I love mango's and kinda like peaches now. It's got a kick to it, like little baby kicks. With a nice Gala apple and this juice, it creates a good light breakfast. Am I still hungry? YES.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A meaningful day

I don't believe in getting expensive things for someone on one specific day or buying something fuzzy. Unless it's from the heart and meaningful. On any day.

I was woken up by Nathan at 7:45am, something I was not too happy about since I went to bed at 1am after studying. We left the apartment shortly after and he took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Something we never really do and I know he did it because he had to be at work at noon. I know he did it because he loves me. We didn't get each other anything but our time together this morning awesome.

The other day I told him I wanted a sunflower and not roses (if he wanted to get something). He told me he went to four stores looking for sunflowers. since they are a late summer flower they were hard to find and when found they were $10 a piece. At Cracker Barrel I found a a big fake on for about $5. I showed it to him and well he didn't get it. Sigh it's cool. I'll get one next time.

our relationship is a blooming flower that keeps getting bigger and bigger.


No but really. This morning was special and I loved every minute of it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Plus Size Kitten Contest

Photo taken by Plus Size Kitten


Pluse Size Kitten, a blog I came across today, has a contest going on.

Vote and win Shu Uemura Face Mist

Ends 2/28/10 and it's open to international voting too! Sweet.

Good Luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am all that is woman

not all that is man. yeah that's right, i changed a tire for the first time. i had to because the tire i purchased in Jan had a wittle hole in it. so tiny it would let out all the air. gas stations knew my name by heart. not really but i visited them until i drive my happy butt to this hole in the wall place.

"next time, you pay." thanks Wilber.

i borrowed a camera. a nice 10.0 mega pixel Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. it holds up for what it's meant to do. i'm hopping very soon i'll get my new dream camera. not the 7D or the EOS 5D SLR but the T1i. Another model is coming out in a few days with not a lot of difference in the price tag but just enough for me to say no thanks Canon, I'll keep my eyes on the other one. it's only about $750. i'm excited but of course if i can not get my hands on it i do have another one in mind. it's another PowerShot with a built in macro lens and interchangeable lenses. still, i want the camera that my hands where meant to hold and my eyes were meant to see threw.

not having a camera has drawn me to a weird depression. like having your doll taken out of your arms and handed to another kid. that's what might of happened to mine. i hope your safe my old lover.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the things I run into

Life has been bitter sweet. Too much bitter than the sweet but still humbling. I've kept to myself for the most part and in away it makes me feel, like a hermit. I'm not real open with getting to know other people but at the same time I plead to know them.
Were still waiting on insurance so we can have our things back. Not having my camera, my third eye, my other half has thrown me for a loop. For the first time in years I am without a camera and I'm dumb founded. Utterly dumbfounded. Not to mention after working so hard to rebuilding my portfolio for the 2nd time all is lost. My music collection down the hole. It's a sad feeling but after dealing with it the first time I have learned how to handle this misfortune. Just humbled.

My life is always interesting. hardly ever a so called dull moment. I just want it to start going in my favor for once. It's hard to operate now with out these devices I've used for so long and how sad is that? Yet, in order to do something with my life I need some of those things to help me out. It's not a crutch but tools to get me along my way.
Anyway, my hair is turquoise!

Course in the finished picture it looks dark green but I swear the bottle says turquoise. I needed something different and yes other then my dreads.

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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