Thursday, May 6, 2010

we are nashville

we are nashville, because Tennessee needs all the support it can get. My home state, the place I love so dear was torn with a months worth of rain and has been the worst thing "since the civil war." There is a link at the being of the first sentence that takes you to a website. On this website is a very well written page of how everyone is feeling right now. The nation has not paid a bit of attention to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi due to the almost-bomb-threat and off shoreline explosion. Yes, those are terrible and my thoughts go out to the 11 missing, however, with just 15 minutes on national news the others get days. This was no hurricane, this was a train storm. hours of rain, spotty tornado's, raging rivers that tore apart roads and homes. Its heart breaking but yet the three states that were attacked by these two storms are remaining strong. 29 total lives were lost in a matter of two days. Thank God that there was no more than that. Clearwire radio pulled together all the stations they owned at had a broadcast marathon to raise money and spread the word of the devastation. We need help! WE ARE NASHVILLE!

Also, if you would like to show support here is a link to have your picture on facebook tweaked.

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