Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Camera

The Polaroid 420 was found at Goodwill for $10.00 and while I was putting my fingers all over it a bearded man was telling that the film is very hard to find and so is the battery. I knew he was telling me this because he too wanted it. I had no idea how it worked but I had to have it for my growing collection of vintage cameras. This is a hobbie I had started when I worked at Batey's Photography (No longer in business sadly).
Batey's had all sorts of camera's lined around the top of the ceiling. Packs of film filled the room and you could smell it. Two large machines the size of a car would run till open and close. When the store was being sold so were the machines and getting them out was no easy task. I miss working there, it was the only time I was truely happy while being a teenager.
The summer after Batey's I was able to work at Sugaree's (a new/vintage clothing store) with a nice woman but nothing come close to working at Batey's. Ever since I worked there I have kept my passion alive for taking pictures. I first started when I was 7. I would take my grandfathers polaroid and snap pictures of myself because from 7 up to 15 I did not have a digital camera. My dad had purchased a Canon T-50 when I was born and there are thousands of pictures with that camera from the I time was born till around the last day of high school.
I have one pack of 108 film and I'm hoping it works with this camera and even though I know the film might not work I will still use it for something. I'm a very creative person.
I've never liked to admit it but now since I have finished a very large painting I will be vain and say I am good at what I do.

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Anna said...

hey go to the liquidation outlet behind demos' in murfreesboro. i don't know what type of Polaroid film they have, but they've definitely had it in the past.

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