Friday, January 16, 2009

jem- 24

my senior year of high school i was excited about the movie ultra violet, because of this song. i would sit in my web design class& replay this song in my headphones over& over again. when the movie came out into theater's i went with two friend's& from the get go i was so pissed during the whole film. i will never get those few hours back but i still have that song.

it was, however, better than bloodrayne. bloodrayne was the worst movie i have ever seen& the grossest sex scene recorded on film. the whole time i sat there these four guys behind me kept making groaning noises& sexual remarks. go figure.

i finished all season's of gilmore girls& i kind of teared up a little bit, not because me late night's of laying on my bed& watching it was over, it's because rory gets asked a question& lor sparks flames with luke again. end scene. damn!

nathan has found an apartment& shall be moving into in a month. i asked if i could decor his pad& he said maybe but maybes are always a yes to me. always always always. i'm painting two paintings& they'll both go into his apartment. i have a HUGE red rectangle propped up against my tv stand waiting to be filled. i need paint!

i have bad news, news that made me go weak& purchase 25.00 dollar's worth of beer's. i didn't get drunk but i did get toasty with madre. all i can say is lime's baby, lime's. anyway, my bad news-- i was denied my pell grant& my appeal for the pell grant. i was also denied a loan& my mom was going to do collateral on her car but couldn't afford it.

at 11:30am mom will be having knee surgery& i'll have to spend a few week's helping her move her leg so she want get any blood clots, so, i think i needed a school break.


I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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