Sunday, May 17, 2009

My top picks-shoes

The Rockabilly era always seems to have heels, most be the pin-up thing. for me being 5'11& my boyfriend being 5'9-10, me wearing heels looks silly. well, i feel like i look silly but i do love flats. they can be sexy& really comfortable.

1. Skechers Cali Women's Flaire Flat at amazon $35.99

2. Hush Puppies Break at amazon $24 to $52

3. Keds Women's Eleanor Slip-on at amazon $34-35

4. Women's Merona Mathilde Stripe Skimmer - Navy at amazon $12.48 Clearance

5. Bettseyville 'Baylee Skimmers' at amazon $17 to $62

6. Bettseyville 'Velvet Skimmers' at 6pm $28.75


1 Comment:

john table said...

se impone esta estetica ya esta.

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help. ~Ruth Bernhard
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